Plastic Shovel

Producto # MOCZB0J9KU


Productos Recomendados

Foam Tray BT-12, 217 x 311 x 24 mm

For Packaging Trays
Presentación: 250 Units.

Plastic Plate 9 inch

Tableware Plates
Plates hold hot or cold food items and are microwave and freezer safe.


Cleanup Tools
Ideal for cleanup all surfaces.

Pizza Box Large, 42 x 42 cm

For Packaging Pizza Box
Presentación: 50 UNITS.

Plastic Cups 12oz V-127

Tableware Cups
Presentación: 20 * 50.

Foam Tray B-1, 150 x 220 x 15 mm

For Packaging Trays
Presentación: 500 Units.

Barrier Brushes

Cleanup Tools

BLACK Cuterly Knife - plastic with resistance

Tableware Cutlery
Presentación: 20 * 40.