Barrier Brushes

Producto # 1WAPSGNT0Z


Productos Recomendados

BLACK Cuterly Tablespoon - plastic with resistance

Tableware Cutlery
Presentación: 20 * 50.

Plastic Shovel

Cleanup Tools

Foam Tray A-1, 142 x 202 x 15 mm

For Packaging Trays
Presentación: 500 Units.

Foam Plates 10

Tableware Plates
Presentación: 200 Units.

Pizza Box Small, 25 x 25 cm

For Packaging Pizza Box
Presentación: 50 UNITS.


Cleanup Tools
Ideal for cleanup all surfaces.

Translucent Straw Unwrapped

Tableware Straws
Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

Black Trash Bag 30 Kg

For Wrapping Bags
Resistant bags ideal for trash, protect things and much more.